Elaina Cooke

Robotic Safety Research Assistant

I am a Construction Management student in the Engineering department at Florida Gulf Coast University. I work with Dr. Moud as a Robotic Safety Research Assistant in Holmes Hall, where I design concrete mixes for 3D-printing large-scale homes in Fort Myers. I am also the President of the construction management club affiliated with the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. 

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Jaden Williams

Viper Lab Research Assistant

I've been researching the immersion of virtual reality and figuring out what factors are most important in building a realistic simulation. Virtual reality gives the people a chance at training for tasks under a safe environment, but it's important to try to recreate the same psychological feelings and reactions you would have in the real situation. Working in the virtual reality department at FGCU has really helped me understand the workflow of research and getting it viewed by others.


Nick Garcia

Viper Lab Research Assistant

I am currently researching UAV flight,and how to best train pilots for safely flying them around construction sites. I've been working here since September, so about five months. As for what I do for the department besides research, I give a lot of tours of the Viper Lab to people such as investors in the school or high school students getting a tour of the school.